Friday, May 8

The Faith Aloud response to Orlando Gardens

I just wanted to re-post Rev. Rebecca Turner's response to the decision of Orlando Gardens to no longer serve pro-choice organizations..

Dear Mr. Orlando:

I was quite shocked and disappointed to receive your email stating that you would no longer welcome our business simply because we are a pro-choice organization. It is disappointing that you would give in to angry protesters carrying hostile signs about your business rather than supporting the paying customers who were well-behaved.

On the St. Louis Catholic blog, it quotes you as saying you will no longer provide services to Planned Parenthood. We are not Planned Parenthood and never have been. We are an organization of religious groups and individuals. At the banquet were dozens of clergy. There were also many politicians and directors of several other non-profit agencies. They are all quite dismayed to hear of your announcement and many have vowed to remove their business from you.

It seems to me it would have been very easy for you to tell the detractors that you cannot check the political and religious status of your customers. But instead you've publicly declared that you can't serve pro-choice organizations. That list is so much longer than you probably realize.

I am saddened for the position in which you have placed yourself and saddened that we will not be enjoying the excellent services provided by your wonderful staff.

We will have no difficulty finding another banquet center who will welcome our business.


Rev. Rebecca Turner