Monday, July 12

Sugar Free?

When most people move to a new city, they find a hair stylist, a doctor and maybe a dentist in that order.

I start with the dermatologist (thanks psoriasis)!

Well, thanks to my dermatologist I spent 2+ weeks trying to eliminate all refined sugar from my diet.

Apparently some people think that since psoriasis is auto-immune, diet can have a huge impact on the symptoms. In my case, I do think that it gets worse when I overindulge in certain food/drink items.

In general, I’ve also been a little concerned about the long-term impact of slathering on a variety of pretty strong topical creams.

So I decided to try going sugar free for a few weeks.

It was a very grumpy 2 and half weeks, that culminated in my eating a large piece of (delicious) wedding cake and drinking some champagne.

At first I thought that there was some change.

Then I realized that I was still using the mildest topical cream.

For someone with a science-ish degree, I clearly did not take a very scientific approach to this little experiment.

So basically, I avoided all sorts of foods..grumbled, made B nuts..and then had NO way to determine if the diet did anything useful for my psoriasis.

Perhaps I’ll try again and also go cold-turkey from the meds..but for now, I’m back on the good stuff.

Kind of.

One thing I did realize is that there is refined sugar in EVERYTHING.

It’s actually scary.

Even pita chips have refined sugar. WHY do pita chips need sugar?

The answer is, they don’t!

So although I’m going to start eating some sweet things again when I need a treat, I am going to try and avoid refined sugar in every day items. It’s OK if I eat sugar when I eat a piece of cake. Cake should have sugar.

But pita chips? Bread? Jam? Why do these things need refined sugar, and often lots of it?

No more no-sugar, but definitely less.

Friday, July 9

DM Throwback post: 12 Days of Terror

Just finished watching 12 Days of Terror.

B and I have been TEARING through The Wire, so I haven't been watching too many disaster movies. Or any movies for that matter.

But B had to work late last night, and I had a ton of cooking to in went my little guilty pleasure in the background.

I must say, I do enjoy a good shark movie.
Even though this was actually a docudrama, there was some pretty good carnage.

My one complaint? The movie follows the shark attacks from 1916 pretty one of the victims is a little boy. I hate when they kill kids! Movie sharks are ONLY supposed to eat unsuspecting co-eds, foul-mouthed bad guys and the occasional hapless bystander who is 18+.

Actually, I have two complaints.
The women in 1916 -- or at least the movie version of 1916-- were totally useless.

Lots of crying and screaming, but that's about it.
I prefer crying, screaming and shooting at the shark thank you very much.

Thursday, July 8

Quick Job & Life Update

It’s kind of funny, but lately life has gotten in the way of blogging.

I guess it would be pretty sad if it were the other way around, but I do miss sharing updates with all 2 of you who read this regularly!

So here’s a quick update:

  • First bridal party outing= HUGE SUCCESS! I was a bridesmaid in a wedding last weekend, and I could not have had a better time celebrating with A & M. I’ve known A since freshman year of college, and it was pretty amazing to see her so happy. Mazel tov again!
  • Freelance gigs 1 and 2 have been moving along nicely. Almost done with a big project for freelance gig #2 and will hopefully have more work coming my way once I return from vacation in mid July. 
  • In-office job is insanely busy. The non-profit just found that the NYC City Council eliminated all funding for sexual violence, and we’re now facing a budgetary shortfall of around $275,000. Incredibly frustrating/scary to see how little my own legislators value the work we do. The ONLY positive to this entire work-place crisis is that I’ve been honing my development & communications skills. 
    • Helped coordinate an emergency  phone appeal: CHECK 
    • Created a new section of the website: CHECK
    • Sending email blasts to donors: CHECK
  • Received degree in the mail. Finally!
  • Received business cards in the mail. Finally!

Update over. Must finish work, pack and then head off to a week-long vacation with friends!