Friday, July 9

DM Throwback post: 12 Days of Terror

Just finished watching 12 Days of Terror.

B and I have been TEARING through The Wire, so I haven't been watching too many disaster movies. Or any movies for that matter.

But B had to work late last night, and I had a ton of cooking to in went my little guilty pleasure in the background.

I must say, I do enjoy a good shark movie.
Even though this was actually a docudrama, there was some pretty good carnage.

My one complaint? The movie follows the shark attacks from 1916 pretty one of the victims is a little boy. I hate when they kill kids! Movie sharks are ONLY supposed to eat unsuspecting co-eds, foul-mouthed bad guys and the occasional hapless bystander who is 18+.

Actually, I have two complaints.
The women in 1916 -- or at least the movie version of 1916-- were totally useless.

Lots of crying and screaming, but that's about it.
I prefer crying, screaming and shooting at the shark thank you very much.