Thursday, December 18

Blatant Blog Post Steal

I stole this from Urbzen. Is is stealing if I admit I stole the idea? Or is it really just like citing? I think I've been spending too much time signing honor codes..stupid finals.

Either way, great blog and particularly great post.

Apparently this is from something called GodTube :

girls are like apples on trees.
the best ones are at the top of the tree.
the boys don’t want to reach for the good ones
because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt.
instead, they just get rotten apples from the ground that arent so good but easy
so the apples at the top think that somethings wrong with them
when in reality they are amazing.
they just have to wait for the right boy to come along
the one who’s brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

URBZEN author Stephanie's comment: "Perhaps I’m just a bitter rotten whore apple, but things sound pretty self-righteous at the top of the tree. "

I'm sad that I think of the response myself.. but she is a writer, and I'm just a part-time blogger. So I'll steal her funny response and pass it along for all to appreciate.

Also, does anyone know what Godtube is? Is it like youtube? Anyone?

Monday, December 15

I hate vague drug commercials

I hate vague drug commercials. You know.. ask your doctor for blah blah blah.. but they don't tell you what the drug is for, or why you desperately need to be telling your physician how to handle medical situations.

You know what I hate even more? Drug commercials that are vague because someone decided vagina in a dirty word.

Almost every woman in the US knows that Monistat treats yeast infections. Do you know where you get yeast infections (most of the time)? Yep, in your vagina.

Yet, the commercial for Monistat never says the word vagina, and makes these amorphous references to its little ampules 'staying in place.' I looked at the drug manufacturer site and it clearly states that Monistat is a vaginal suppository. So why are they so afraid to say that their durg stays nicely inside your vagina? Is vagina a dirty word?

*ps. this rant it not totally random/crazy. I have at least one friend that had to buy monistat in a foreign country, and then didn't know how to use it because the instructions were not in English. Now, this is a common problem when traveling and trying to self-medicate, but in the case of this particular problem it seems silly that they can create such strong brand recognition without ever mentioning the place the medical condition occurs. So she knew that she needed the brand for a yeast infection, but not that it should go in her vagina because the commercials are SO darn vague. Just saying. *

Saturday, December 13

Thanks football for setting us back amost 100 years..

I should be studying, but I decided to take a quick NY times break. Big mistake, because now I'm unbelievably aggravated.

Apparently there are currently around 100 former football players receiving funds due to dementia. The football commissioner has been meeting with former players to determine if there will be more response to this issue, but has decided to ban wives from attending at the request of some former players.

One of the wives, a senior executive at Pfizer, tried to show up to a meeting anyway and was barred entrance. You know why? Some of the players expressed concern to Commissioner Goodell about their ability to express themselves with women present. So, Goodell acceded to their demands because he's worried that some of his big manly ex-players won't feel comfortable sharing in a meeting if women are present.

Eleanor Perfetto, however, points out that the men who are able to attend the meeting and explain their concerns are not those with the most serious needs. Thus, men like husband who require constant help and attention due to dementia are left without advocates.

There is just so much wrong with Goodell's reasoning that I don't know where to start. Is he really concerned that adult men will be uncomfortable sharing their problems and declining physical health because women are present? Presumably many of these same men are married to women, and I would assume that their wives are very much aware of their problems and spend a good deal of time and money helping them as their mental capabilities decline.

Is the stigma of being emotional, or sharing personal details in front of women so strong that these men are willing to harm their fellow players by limiting their access to essential meetings?

I really thought the idea that women are too emotional to have a vote died in the 1920s...

Tuesday, December 9

Waterworld= watery grave for the world

I'm a disaster movie junkie who has never seen Waterworld ..until now! Despite the hectic schedule, I decided to squeeze in a little end of the world madness as a (really long) study break. After 2+ hours with Kevin Costner and co I have decided that Waterworld is actually a darn good disaster movie. Darn all the naysayers, I think it ranks somewhere below Jaws and above The Day After Tomorrow. That's a totally arbitrary ranking by the way.

Anyway, some things I learned from watching Waterworld:

1. There is enough water in the polar ice caps to cover almost the entire planet. Cities will be totally covered, and only a few mountainous areas will remain dry. I was totally believing this whole scenario, until I broke the cardinal rule of disaster movie enjoyment and looked it up. Turns out even if all of the ice melted, most landmass would still be visible. Apparently, when the world is going to end, more water appears.

2. You can somehow recycle your own urine into drinking water without any chemicals or technology. I did not want to know if this was possible, so I did not look it up.

3. Population control will be an issue in a watery world. People will only be able to procreate if someone else dies..and then they will be supportive of child/adult sexual interactions just to keep inbreeding from occurring.

4. People of the future are really stupid. When you find a 'mutant' with really helpful adaptation such as GILLS, you will decide being different is a crime punishable by death. Of course you wont' consider how this mutation might actually make your life way better from an evolutionary perspective. Stupid future people.

5. There will be way more men than women in the future. For no discernible reason. There are also HUGE scary shark-like creatures that you can blow up and eat. I guess if enough time has passed for some humans to develop gills, huge shark things can also happen? I was actually really sad that the huge sharks were only in 1 scene. The movie could have easily devolved into megalodon 6 meets waterplanet..but nooo..they had to maintain some sense of plot and artistic integrity. So sad.

6. Kevin Costner is kind of a jerk, but not nearly as bad as some other disaster movie "heroes" (Charlton Heston, I'm talking to you). He's mildly abusive when he first meets Helen (Jeanne Tripplehorn), but at least he turns down her desperate offer of sex due to the weird power dynamic. Not advocating for even mildly abusive characters, but better than smacking around the leading lady because she dares to be slightly upset by mass chaos and death (yes, I am talking to you again Charlton).