Monday, December 15

I hate vague drug commercials

I hate vague drug commercials. You know.. ask your doctor for blah blah blah.. but they don't tell you what the drug is for, or why you desperately need to be telling your physician how to handle medical situations.

You know what I hate even more? Drug commercials that are vague because someone decided vagina in a dirty word.

Almost every woman in the US knows that Monistat treats yeast infections. Do you know where you get yeast infections (most of the time)? Yep, in your vagina.

Yet, the commercial for Monistat never says the word vagina, and makes these amorphous references to its little ampules 'staying in place.' I looked at the drug manufacturer site and it clearly states that Monistat is a vaginal suppository. So why are they so afraid to say that their durg stays nicely inside your vagina? Is vagina a dirty word?

*ps. this rant it not totally random/crazy. I have at least one friend that had to buy monistat in a foreign country, and then didn't know how to use it because the instructions were not in English. Now, this is a common problem when traveling and trying to self-medicate, but in the case of this particular problem it seems silly that they can create such strong brand recognition without ever mentioning the place the medical condition occurs. So she knew that she needed the brand for a yeast infection, but not that it should go in her vagina because the commercials are SO darn vague. Just saying. *