Sunday, December 12

Degree= Internship?

Well thanks CNN. Your incredibly depressing article "Is an Internship the New Entry Level Job" about the plight of 20-somethings in the job market actually makes me feel better about my current work situation!

I don't think that was the point of this article, but hey I'll take it!

Really though, it's pretty dismal.

According to the report,

Full-time employment has dropped 9 percentage points among 18-to-29-year-olds since 2006, leaving only 41 percent of millennials with full-time jobs, according to "Millennials: A Portrait of Generation Next," a report released by Pew Research Center in February.
In addition to feeling really aggravated anytime someone uses the term Millennial (which I find a particularly stupid sounding name), I also feel pretty sad that so many people are spending a lot of time and money for an undergraduate degree that leaves them internship! 

I also have to wonder if calling internship the new entry level makes sense.

Do employers really consider an internship a type of entry level position?

I'm really not so sure they do, especially after being told in a meeting recently that the title of "intern" is a resume killer. Is that true across the board, who knows? Might it be true in some fields or for some hiring managers, probably?

So really, is an internship the way to go?
Or is it better to volunteer in the field in which you want to be employed and take a day job to pay the bills?