Thursday, May 1

The Birds!

I don't know if The Birds counts as a disaster movie, but as of now it does.. because I'm only 1/2 hour in but I think there is definitely some bird-induced carnage in the future! Also, I need a movie that is actually GOOD to counteract I am Legend..

Thoughts so far:
1) Tippi Hendren is pretty bad ass. A gull attacked her while she was out on the bay and she didn't faint or become hysterical (thank you!). Pretty blase in fact while blood dripped down her forehead.

2) Suzanne Pleshette is also pretty awesome. She manages to look sultry and angry at the same time, and even though she likes the same man as Tippi's character she lets her rent a room in her house.

3) I think it's weird that Mitch (Rod Taylor) calls his mother dear and darling a lot.. just because.