Tuesday, May 27

I'm growing plants on my mini-porch!

basil plant

This year I decided to try growing plants on my mini-porch. By mini-porch I clearly mean really yucky and barely there fire-escape area, but at least it gets sun and the squirrels can't seem to find their way down! I also have a few plants on my kitchen windowsill, but those are mostly herbs.

So far my tomato plant seems to be doing well. It has new leaves, and the flowers are just about to bloom. I had a moment of real tomato envy after taking care of a co-workers plants this weekend (she already has little green tomatoes !!), but she very nicely reminded me that we are growing different varieties. I think my slower plant growth is actually because I originally planted the tomato plant and the pepper plant in the same pot, but that's now fixed and hopefully my plant will be happier soon! The pepper (yellow banana) plant seems totally unperturbed by the whole process of sharing/now not sharing a container and I definitely have small peppers already growing. I'm not a huge pepper fan, but the boyfriend loves them..so I figured they'll be OK to have around! I also thought it was only fair to grow some pepper since he was nice enough to make me some beautiful pots.

On the windowsill I have a purple basil plant, a pot with rocket lettuce, and a dutch iris (not an herb, but they're pretty). I'm still considering trying to grow eggplant, but I'm a little afraid that I just don't have the skill to grow so many plants at once. Depending on how much of an impulse buying spree I go on at Bowood farms next time might determine the eggplant question.

Anyway, I've found it really exciting to have plants all over the apt and wanted to share some pictures and my thoughts so far. Tomato Plant (pre-cage!)