Tuesday, June 10

Disaster Movies vs Post-Apocalypse

I have been really remiss in my disaster movie watching lately, mostly because I have been watching all 6 seasons of The Sopranos in order. The boyfriend and I are ALMOST done with all of the episodes, but it's been hard to fit in much else. I did come across an interesting site the other day though, and wanted to share some thoughts.
A blog called Rustic Girls has a list of the top 10 Post-Apocalypse movies, as well as a description of their criteria. I think it's interesting that they only allow movies that show the aftermath of a disaster, and they disqualify any movie that includes scenes of the ongoing apocalypse. While I definitely don't have a problem with their criteria, or that they differ from my own, I think it's interesting that there are so many sites about similar movies and that people create such strict guidelines.
I wonder why wer are so fascinated with disaster movies, or post-apocalypse, or ongoing apocalypse movies and books! I'd guess that for some, movies about the end of the world in any form serves as a reminder of what we have to fear if nucluear proliferation continunes, or we start allowing biological warfare. Since movies are often fantastic, I'm sure it also helps to alleviate some paranoia--if it happens in the movie, it can't happen in real life. In my case, I think it actually creates a little nervousness..but I can't stay away!