Friday, June 27

The Host broke the rules!

I liked the host until the last few had lots of silly shots of the giant squid, it had plenty of people being eaten and really bad dubbing. Sadly, the director missed the memo about who dies in a disaster movie because he killed off the main character and she was NOT annoying! It is OK when they kill off really stupid or irritating main characters, but this guy killed off a super brave little girl. I was totally down when the grandfather was killed off.. it was kind of like Bruce Willis biting it in Armeggedon-it was heroic and sad but not totally unexpected. There was no good reason to kill off the little girl though, and made me sad at the end of the movie. She didn't break any of the rules (swimming alone, having sex, being really obnoxious) and now I don't like The Host as much as I did for the first 118 minutes. :(