Sunday, August 24

Lake Placid 2

I saw the cover for Lake Placid 2 a few weeks ago in Blockbuster and have just not had enough time lately to sit down and watch/blog. With moving, going on the cruise (!) and going up to New York the blogging has fallen by the wayside. Anyway, I have a free afternoon and am looking forward to what promises to be a really awful movie.

In the first movie Betty White (of golden girls fame) was the crazy old lady, and Lake Placid 2 has gone a step further with Cloris Leachman!

At 15 minutes into the movie, the body count is already at 4 which is a good sign. One super stupid EPA guy, 2 naked girls, and 1 naked guy have all been eaten. I appreciate that LP2 is following the rules (sex=death etc) and am excited that the sheriff's son and his new friends are about to go on a camping trip to a remote part of the lake. I'm thus far mildly impressed by the croc graphics, mainly because they've been smart enough to only show it in snippets and it just ate a boat and didn't look totally fake or stupid.