Sunday, August 24

LP2 continues

Well, LP2 has taught us another valuable lesson. If you're a chauvinist pig, the crocodile will eat you. Just as you are demonstrating your boy scout rope-tying knowledge and impressing the little lady, you will die. First the crocodile will bite off your arm, and you will do a Wendy Adams (think the fight scene in Adams Family with the spurting blood), and then you will be dragged below the surface of the lake still screaming.

Also, the teenagers just broke the essential do not separate rule, and will most likely suffer the consequences. I'm pretty sure that the sheriff's son will make it out alive, and maybe even the blonde girl who looks like she's 18 going on 40. The hick beer guzzling guy is toast, as is the nude sunbathing girl. I think that blondie's irritating boyfriend (Thad) is also a goner, or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.

Ha, 46 minutes into the movie and the nude sunbather is dead, and the annoying boyfriend just delivered the worst one liner of the movie and was then eaten by the croc. I might have misjudged, and maybe beer guzzler is the dark horse survivor of the movie. Thanks to recently deceased Thad, we also know that the crocodile is reproducing, which means that it's more than likely that the one Amad just killed has a much larger and angrier partner hiding in the lake. Silly Sheriff and company forgot the large animals are just like serial killers rule....


Should have gone with my gut feeling. Stupid hick guy just got eaten, and tada.. there are actually 3 crocodiles. 1 dead, 2 still alive and terrorizing the teenagers.

Body count stands at 11 (including the guy who broke his neck while running in sheer terror). I'm betting that the final count will reach 13 and then the survivors will happily pair off.