Saturday, September 6

Piranha might be too much for my paranoia

I know that my blogging has been rather inconsistent lately, but I just started graduate school and am still trying to figure out how to balance schoolwork with having a life. I only took a year off between undergraduate and starting this program but I seem to have lost all of my studying skills in the interim!
Anyway, I ended up home relatively early after a fun evening out and decided to catch up on blogging while watching my newest rental: Piranha. Thanks to Jaws I now only go knee deep in the ocean, and I'm a little worried that my snorkeling days (OK, day..I've been once!) are over if I watch this movie. As a compromise I decided to watch the movie using the tiniest view screen possible so the scary fish won't bother me as much.

Body count within the first 10 minutes: 2.
Taking off your clothing and skinny dipping in the dark=death. Obviously.

Also, I'm all for trying to find missing teenagers but why would you drain a pond full of water in a creepy lab? Don't you think that maybe all that weird murky water is hiding something scary and possibly man-eating? Now all the piranha's have escaped into the river and are going to eat at least 6-10 more people. I'm guessing that drunk guy's daughter and her buddies at camp are in danger since they have already needlessly pointed out that she's afraid of water. I'm assuming that at least a few kids will get attacked, but somehow I doubt they'll kill off tiny children.

30 minutes in, other old drunk guy gets his feet eaten and dies a few feet from his dock. Lesson learned: do not dunk your feet into murky water, especially if your dog is barking furiously at the water. Doesn't anyone learn their water safety lessons from Jaws? All scary people eating water creatures like eating dogs. First they go for Fido, then they go for you.