Wednesday, March 3

Go check out: "A Day in the life of..A Rape Crisis Advocate"

I can't believe I haven't posted anything about this series yet!
Go check it out, it's great.

Although in all fairness, I'm a little biased since the project is kind of mine..

I'm not a rape crisis advocate, but several of my co-workers @ the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault are either currently volunteering in one of these programs or past participants. We thought it would be a really need opportunity for advocates from around the city to share their experiences.

So we sent out a few requests and then picked 6 advocates.
The Alliance blog is featuring their posts--1 advocate a week for 6 weeks.
It's also a contest, and the 2 advocates whose posts garner the most comments will win prizes.

The posts are really really interesting, as are the comments left by family, friends and blog readers.

People have been coming forward to share personal stories, or simply share how much they appreciate the work of these women (I'm sure there are also male advocates..ours just happen to be female).

Go visit!