Thursday, April 1

Welcome back to blogging (to me!)

I'm not sure how/why this happened, but I took a hiatus from blogging during the month of March.

Which is weird, because a lot has happened over the past few weeks.

Got engaged and got ring #1.
Visited with my family in NYC and had sibling day on a lovely Sunday.
Wore ring #1 for 3 weeks while designing ring #2.
Got ring #2, and took it on a trip to Chicago to show it (and me) off at the seders.
Met Ben's uncles, aunts and cousins on his dad's side and spent some quality time with the future family members to be.
Hung out with the parents of Baby E in Chicago, and met one of Ben's oldest friends.

Got back from Chicago just in time to submit my graduate school thesis (due MONDAY), and start planning my presentation.
All while splitting my time between my 2 internships, doing consulting work for the 3rd organization, and trying not to lose my mind while job hunting.

Maybe I was just too busy to blog?