Wednesday, April 7

MHS here I come..!

I handed in my final essay this past Monday.
Assuming that the review committee likes my final MHS essay and that I don't totally freak out during my 10 minute powerpoint presentation, I'm all done.

I have an end-date for my DOHMH/DOE internship, and will be figuring out my Alliance final day when my supervisor returns from vacation.

It seems crazy that this time last year I was interviewing for internships and trying to figure out how Ben, Layla and I were all going to fit in the 250 square feet of fun he called an apartment.

Now we have 2 kitties, 2 bedrooms and I have 2 internships and a freelance position with a non-profit.
Thanks to some help I'm the in process of setting up informational interviews with organizations in NYC and I'm trying to figure out my next steps.