Tuesday, April 13

Making Rejection Sting a Little Less


I recently sent out a resume and cover letter indicating my interest in an open position at a foundation located in NYC.

I sent out the email at 11:32 am and received the following message at 11:46 am:

Dear Saskia,

Thank you very much for your interest in the role of ___(position) at the ___(organization). Although you do have an impressive background, we have decided to focus on applicants who are more closely aligned with our ideal profile as outlined in the position description.

I'm sorry that we won't be able to consider you for this role, but I will keep your resume in our active file in case I come across other opportunities that might be of interest to you.



Based on the job description, I thought I was rather closely aligned with the ideal profile.

I’m more interested, however, in figuring out how the recruiter (X) came to their conclusion.

How exactly do you read a cover letter, examine a resume and craft a response in a little less than 15 minutes?
It’s possible that their ideal profile was simply not clearly explained in the job posting and I was missing an important skill that immediately removed me from consideration. Although there was no length of work experience listed, maybe they immediately nixed anyone will less than 5 years in the field.

Or maybe they sent rejection letters to anyone whose name started with the letter ‘S.’

No way to know really.

Luckily, the quick turnaround actually made me feel less upset about the rejection.

Since the recruiter clearly didn’t take the time to learn anything about me, I’m going to assume that I do indeed have an ‘impressive background’ and that the refusal is their loss.


Anonymous said...

You are eminently qualified. Obviously this organization is too f---ed up to recognize talent. What is with that strange signature? Very professional! They don't deserve you, Sas.

Saskia Z said...

I think I may have to start posting more job hunt stories..they're all pretty funny.

Thanks --I'm trying to stay positive!