Sunday, April 11

The long-promised ring photos


Sorry everyone (and by everyone, I mean my mother and father) about the delay in the ring photos.

B & K took some pictures during our Chicago trip, and I snapped a few with my puny camera.

So here..they are:

The plain white gold band is Ben's engagement ring, and mine is the one with the diamond.

Also, not sure why  it looks like stones are missing on the top, but it's just a trick of the light.

Ben will wear his while we're engaged and then probably just keep it as his wedding band. I'll have to go back to the same jeweler who made mine so that he can create a band that works with my ring (oh the horror!).

So far Ben's gotten a few comments about his engagement ring, which makes me feel happy about the decision for us both to wear something.

We don't have to worry about the diamond as it was already in circulation, and having Ben wear a ring too means it's a mutual commitment symbol rather than a "my man bought me" thing. At least, that's the idea! Doesn't  hurt that I also rather enjoy sparkly jewelry..