Sunday, April 18

Weekend report: Brooklyn flea

Came home from the flea yesterday with 2 things: cupcakes from raspberry bakeshop (the brainchild of Roopa from raspberry eggplant) and a banged up window with intact hinges.

The funny thing is, the window was the impulse buy of the day! I knew that there would be cupcakes at the flea yesterday, and I've been wanting to try Roopa's creations for a while. I've been reading her blog for ages (a year? two?) and love using her recipes. When she started a small specialty cupcake service, I figured it was my duty to check it out. Especially with wedding stuff on the (far far away) horizon!

As for the window, I couldn't resist. Oh, and the guy let me bargain for the price based upon the amount of money I had in my purse and the my need for cupcakes. A very understanding flea seller.

Here's my window:

You can already see the blue tape on the glass because I'm in the process of refinishing and priming the entire piece.

I think I'm then going to paint it a really cheery color.

I think I'm going to wall mount it and call it art.

I'll post more pictures as I get farther along in the process. I'm not entirely sure if this is going to work, so I guess we'll see what happens.

I almost bought 2 huge windows with shutters but realized:
a. too tiny to carry that stuff my byself
b. what would I do with 2 huge windows with shutters?


roopa said...

Hope you and your fiance enjoyed the cupcakes!

Saskia Z said...

Cupcakes were awesome! We're going to figure out when we want to plan some celebratory stuff and then we'll order a bunch!