Friday, April 2

Another thought on the job hunt..

Lately I've been wondering if I should have done things differently.

Perhaps I should have worked longer before starting a graduate program?
Perhaps I should have tried to do a dual degree program?
Perhaps I should still try to add a clinical degree to my (almost) masters?

I'm trying not to second guess my self, because I think ultimately this will all work out. If I had remained in STL, Ben and I might have been forced to endure at least 2 years of long distance. Considering how much we hated just 1 year/4 hours apart I'm not sure either of us would have remained sane during 2 years and 16 hours apart.

Or, if I had moved back East without an acceptance letter to a program, I might still be unemployed.

Or I might have been laid off in the last round of financial meltdowns in the non-profit and gov't sectors and facing the same predicament (needing a job) without the benefit of health insurance cushion due to school and an additional degree.

Right now though, it's all a little uncertain and it seems like I'm either under or overqualified for every single position in NYC.

As of now my goal is to send out a resume/cover letter per week and see what happens. I'm also trying to attend more work events for the networking possibilities and volunteer at a community event in April.

If that doesn't work, I'm going to move on to informational interviews and see what happens.
I know, however, that I'm still in a really good position. I've only been applying to positions that really spark my interest, which is really a luxury of sorts. If I don't feel like that's working, I'll start to broaden my search.

In the interim, I'm shamelessly self-promoting every chance I get @ work and trying really hard to remain upbeat.

Next step for blogging might be to create a 'places I would LOVE' to work @ list and see who has connections/wants to help!!