Saturday, April 24

Better late than never..? Indian Feast with some Brooklyn pals!

Yikes, you'd think something major was going on in my life or something--like presenting my final essay and getting my masters--what with my lack of blogging.

Oh, wait..that is happening...THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!

I'll back back after I present with some post-graduate degree thoughts.
But for now, a cooking post!

The informal cooking club that I tried to start up last fall has slowly morphed into an informal dinner party group.

This past week it turned into an Indian-themed Shabbat dinner.
I'll have to check in with J (the host) of this particular shindig, because I should really link to the site that had all the recipes.

Since I can't remember it offhand, I'll just share some pictures.

As I (hope) you can was delicious!