Friday, October 1

Lemur vs. Lemming: AKA the Best Work Conversation Ever


I had a real post ready. Or rather, I was going to write a real post. A serious one! And then I had this conversation with a co-worker (during personal time of course) and felt the need to share.

SS: I sometimes think twitter is a fad
SS: I do it--but only because i'm a lemur.
SS: or crap, lemming. I mean lemming

L: hahahah!!!!
L: a lemur! I love it

SS: my face is red
SS: thank goodness for online chatting
SS: you can't see!

L: hahah it's such a cute image in my head, of lemurs flocking to a cliff

SS: urg
SS: I was close
SS: they sound so similar

L: and to be honest i dont even totally know what a lemming is

SS: whhhat? no way!

L: I sort of always pictured something penguiny but not a bird

SS: I thought they looked more cat-like
SS: clearly no one has any idea what a lemming really is!
SS: they're rodents..ew
SS: I think we should change the phrase. lemurs are much cuter

L: lemurs probably have some senseless pack behavior we could comment on

SS: we should find out
SS: and then totally coin a new phrase

L: "The presence of female social dominance sets lemurs apart from most other primates and mammals; Female aggression is often associated with, but not limited to, feeding"
L: I think there's useful material in there

SS: Hmm.. feeding frenzy and female aggression. That does indeed seem like a good breeding ground for a new phrase
SS: And perhaps even semi-relevant to anti-violence work!
SS: Score!

L: there was something else about how scientists hypothesize that the lady lemurs get aggressive because they have more at stake than the men, what with the need to reproduce

SS: ugh. lets leave that one out of the pile

L: haha

SS: last thing we need to do is create another phrase that makes women sound like baby-crazed man eaters