Monday, October 4

One vote and the course of history?

I've been watching The Tudors - The Complete Second Season on Netflix (I swear this is not a sponsored post!). I have to sneak episodes since B is not a fan.

He was the one who originally suggested the series as our next show (after we finished The Wire: The Complete Series)...until he remembered 1/2 an episode in that he doesn't like British accents or period dramas. I, however, think British accents are adorable and love period drama. So when he's stuck at work or away on business I break out the Netflix and plug away at the series.

Anyway, I've just begun season 2 and Henry the 8th is trying to break with Rome. Most people know the story, so I won't rehash.

The part that really floored me though, was the fact that during the course of an afternoon they voted on the issue and it was basically done.
I realize that's an oversimplification, and the show is not exactly historically accurate...but I was still pretty astounded by the idea that history was shaped in part by a simple vote.

Can you imagine anything happening now after a single vote?
Or rather, can you imagine anything making it past the bureaucracy that is often characteristic of our government in a timely manner so that a vote could even happen?

Pretty crazy!