Friday, March 14

Deep Rising

I don't have time for a full post right now, but wanted to add a few things I learned from watching Deep Rising (no, it is not pornography):

1. Treat Williams really needed money in 1998. Otherwise, he never would have signed on to do a disaster moving with a semi-pornographic title.

2. If you want to die, buy a ticket on a large ship (re: Titanic, Poseidon, and this movie!)

3. You too can master an automatic weapon the first time you pick it up!

4. Large part snake-slug-squid creatures can bash through metal hulls and suck people into their creepy mouth areas at full-speed, but get REEEALLLY confused when people talk softly or stop moving. They're just like the T-Rex in Jurassic Park, without any of the semi-scientific evidence to back up their behavior!!

5. If you are caught by one of the snake/slug/squid things, it is best to commit suicide. Otherwise, you might be regurgitated in one of the grossest movie scenes ever and stand there half-digested and screaming before you fall over and die.