Monday, March 31

I watched another crocodile movie..

I'm not sure why so many low-budget Croc movies get the green-light, but I am apparently unable to turn off the TV (sci-fi channel!) when another one of these movies is playing. This one, succinctly titled Croc was made in 2007 and includes exactly 0 big names. In fact, the characters were so superfluous to the ridiculous crocodile eating antics, that I actually had to to back and read the list on imdb to remember the names of the main characters.

I decided that Croc isn't worth a long summary post, so instead I will list my favorite parts of the movie!

1. There are no real movie stars. This meant that every single person in this movie gave 110% in every scene because they REALLY needed the money. Even with some truly pitiful dialogue, everyone managed to keep a straight face while discussing the 25 foot salt-water croc that just wouldn't stop eating their friends and family members.

2. The croc comes up through the floor of a building and tries to eat a yippy dog. I was actually a little disappointed that the dog escaped.. it had a really shrill bark.

3. The HUGE 25+ foot croc hid in a normal sized swimming pool and managed to totally escape notice while someone swam laps, and then talked to someone poolside. The swimmer (he was one of the bad guys) then got eaten. His brother (or crony? both?!) then was also eaten rather gorily after going to investigate the blood filled pool that had bits of his brother/crony floating on its surface. I should probably move this one to #1 on the list, because it was the most RIDICULOUS scene ever. How would a huge salt-water crocodile hide in a pool?? Why would you investigate said pool if you saw that it was literally covered in body parts and filled with blood??

4. The people who were making out in the water got eaten. Homage to the Jaws opening scene (she gets kind of dragged about on the surface) was TOTALLY appreciated!

5. There is a large boat involved in the death of the croc, a less crazy Quint-like character, and the afore mentioned scene. So basically, this was Jaws with crappier actors and a more 'exotic' location (Thailand).

6. The main character, Jack, whose name I had already forgotten by today ends up with his leg caught in the dead croc's mouth, underwater, in the cave where the croc has been storing the rotting bodies of all of his victims. The Quint-esque character starts yelling that they have to cut off his leg to save him.. so they give him a scuba mask....and then I hid my eyes. I don't think they ended up cutting off his leg though, because he looked way to conscious and happy laying down on the boat as they sped away later. Maybe they just had to pry the dead 25 foot croc's mouth open??