Wednesday, April 2

Aiport 1975

I wasn't feeling well last night and kind of hurried my way through the last bit of Airport 1975, so I can't tell if my 'eh' feelings about the movie are due to the stomachache or the film. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the cast, which included Charlton Heston among others, but underwhelmed by the plot and the disaster aspect. Even though both Airport and Airport 1975 were made pre-CGI, I felt like the original movie worked with the bad special effects and relied really heavily on a great cast and script. This movie seemed to coast a little more on the 'effects,' which were pretty bad!
I also did not particularly like the dynamic between Alan Murdock (Heston) and his girlfriend, head stewardess and semi-saviour of the plane, Nancy Pryor (Karen Black). I found it frustrating that Nancy's hysteria after the plane's mid-air impact was portrayed as somehow unwarranted. Murdock yelled at her several times, and kept calling her honey in a really syrupy patronizing voice. Stuck on a damaged plane with a badly hurt captain and recently killed crew members I think I would be pretty hysterical too! Despite her panic, Nancy is able to maneuver the plane through some turns, and keep the other stewardesses and passengers calm despite the danger. Instead of having Nancy then land the plane (or engage in some other fantastic B-movie sequence), Heston's character has to literally jump in and save the day.
Although this movie is supposedly the 'funny' one of the four, I think I am more excited for Airport 1977 where a plane crashes and people are trapped the Bermuda Triangle. I think that one sounds like a good unabashedly crappy B-movie fun-fest!!