Thursday, April 10

A mile wide and inch deep..

I've been debating about the future of my blog! During a recent office conversation, I mentioned that I love my current blog topics: disaster movies and feminist 'stuff.' The problem is that I also really like cooking and spend a good deal of my time reading food blogs, recipes sites, and cookbooks. I wish there was a comparable "renaissance man" term for women--but I couldn't think of anything that fit. If I start writing about food here too, I'm worried that the blog will become such a mishmash that my lovely byline (feminist leaning disaster movie junkie) will be totally meaningless. Of course, there's nothing to say that writing about food isn't something that a feminist leaning disaster movie junkie would write about.. but again, I don't want to force it all together in one place. The three options would be:

1) Change the byline to include my mild foodie obsession
2) Keep the byline and simply add the recipe and food blogging
3) Keep the byline and stick to disaster movies and my slightly rant-y but hopefully interesting posts about things I categorize as 'feminist' related.

What a conundrum!