Friday, April 11

So angry and disgusting..

I have a not so secret addiction to celebrity gossip, which I try to temper by reading real news and other non-trashy sites. One place I often visit is dlisted. The guy who runs/blogs on the site is really snarky and also pretty gross.. but that's what guilty pleasures are for! Anyway, he had a link today to another site called DrunkenStepfather, and after I followed the link I literally wanted to throw something. While the dlisted guy can be gross, rude, etc. he's usually an across the boards insulter--he writes things about celebrities regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation etc.-- real egalitarian offender if you will. I was really surprised then to see that he linked to the DrunkenStepfather article about Miley Cyrus, because it goes WAY beyond some sexist banter into a full on assault of a teenage girl.
The first few lines of the post are:
" I am from the school of thought that thinks if a girl dresses like a slut she is askin’ for it. I am also from the school of thought that if you get turned on by this 15 year old piece of shit, you’re not a pedophile, you’re just have bad taste."

The comment about her dress is in regards to a black jumpsuit Miley is wearing at some Nickelodean event. While I find her outfit unattractive and maybe not what I would consider appropriate for a 16 year old girl, I think it is disgusting to equate your dislike for an outfit with a justification for rape. Pedophilia is also not something that you joke about, even in the context of insulting a young celebrity. The poster then goes on to discuss the Jonas Brothers gang-banging Miley Cyrus on her tour bus, and how since he's from Canada she's not jailbait and he can talk about "bangin" her as much he likes.

I don't even know how to fully respond to this man's complete and utter disregard for basic decency, and his totally misogynist attitude towards women's bodies and behavior.

Basically, just awful! Feel free to post a response to his article telling him how inappropriate you find his comments!!