Sunday, April 27

Biking for Justice

I've been really busy at work lately and haven't had time to blog. I realized that maybe this is something I SHOULD be blogging about though--it's definitely feminist related, and would be a disaster if I were involved directly! Luckily, I will not be doing any of the biking, I'm just helping with our fundraising efforts. Instead, by boss Becky will be riding her bike over 1800+ miles from New Orleans to New York this summer. A staff member from the Pro-Choice Public Education Project (PEP) is coordinating the ride and they will be stopping along the way to meet with other activists, and reproductive justice organizers. Anyway, I've been crazy busy trying to find sponsors for the trip and getting pledges for a mile/mile fundraiser. Since I'm shamelessly self-promoting a work event, you might as well check out the website: