Monday, September 29

A Boy and His Dog get knocked off the list..

I'm not sure I can explain how much I detested this movie. Someday ranked it on a "Best Disaster Movies" list and I added it to my Q without reading the description. When it arrived I read the little blurb and was wary, but decided that it was worth a watch. After sitting through all 90 minutes of the movie, I kind of wish I could somehow rinse my eyes out with soap.

The movie begins innocently enough; Vick is a kind of oafish protagonist but has a clearly loving relationship with his talking telepathic dog (it's Sci Fi.. don't judge). I didn't start to get nervous until I realized that the beeping noise meant that the dog was searching for women. Yep, the talking telepathic dog's real talent is using his weird power to find women for Vick to ravage. In return, Vick finds the dog food. I almost turned the movie off when Vick finds a woman who has been attacked by marauders. She's obviously been raped and beaten to death. His reaction is to lament that they killed her so soon, because she could have been used a few more times.

It's not worth describing the rest of the movie, but it turns out that a weird community of survivors is living underground and they send a young woman up to seduce Vick and bring him back. After having what is probably his first consensual sexual acts with her, he leaves his partner and friend (the dog) to go underground after her.

Turns out the girl is kind of evil and was sent to the surface specifically to get Vick underground. Her weird totalitarian gov't hooks him up to a machine and tries to impregnate as many young women as possible. Their explanation for this assault..something akin to hybrid vigor. Eventually Vick escapes, and then kills the girl and feeds her to the starving dog because she dared to be conniving and have personal autonomy. Not that I'm advocating using seduction to entrap men and then forcible ejaculation, but I also do not think that cannibalism is the answer. Apparently being a loyal friend to your talking canine companion totally negates your forcible sexual assault of women, total disregard for human life and general lack of intelligence or compassion.

Thanks A Boy and His Dog.. now if the world ends I know that women will be conniving and useless, and I can expect all men to be more attached to their pets than to other human beings.