Monday, October 27

And I thought Christian Bale only used the sexy gruff voice as Batman

Reign of Fire definitely makes the cut. Disaster, carnage, and A-listers in it for the cash. Although, to be fair I think both Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey went into this thinking it was going to be high quality sci-fi. I'm not sure how they got this impression after reading a script that invovles dragons coming out from underneath the earth and burning the world to ash..but hey, I'm a fan. I also like that it's set in Britian since I'm a sucker for cute accents. I also really appreciate that there aren't too many Scots involved thus far..cute sounding, but totally unintelligable (to me!).

Anyway, the great thing about Reign of Fire (so far) is that they put a lot of money into this movie. The dragons look pretty good and they've kept the up close shots to a minimum. Also, there doesn't seem to be any stock footage of kimono dragons or crocodiles that's always a good sign. Unfortunantely, Mathew McConaughey has the worst haircut I have ever seen. Actually, I'm not sure I'd call bald with a gross beard a haircut, but I'm not a fan. I am also not a fan of Mathew's tactics or his attempt at the gruff sexy voice. Christian Bale does it way better..and he is still kind of sexy even with the dirt and bad hair.

Also, wouldn't it make more sense to have short hair? What with all the flames shooting everywhere, wouldn't you want less flammable material attached to your body?

So, here are some things I have learned:

1. Dragons exist, they eat ash and are all female. Except for one 'stud' dragon who impregnates the rest. Apparently, dragons can exist but they can't reproduce asexually or something more interesting. Still need a male to get things done..

2. Americans are still rude, pushy and totally unwilling to negotiate in 2020. Great. So proud.

3. Being the best friend of the hero is a recipe for disaster. The hero has to survive..but how can he be tortured & (extra) melancholy if you don't die horribly at some point before the end? Sorry Gerard Butler. That's what you get for being the bf.

4. Dragons know the rules! A few teenagers get eaten (they're fair game anyway)..but all the little kids survive. Thanks for playing fair.

5. Dragons are not like serial killers. It was hard to take down the big scary male dragon..but once down, there was no popping back up for one last kill or flash of fire. Hm. Maybe the movie would have been better if the dragon ate Matthew M after it was already down on the ground. Then maybe I would have cared a little more.