Saturday, October 18

Descent was too yicky! And yes, that's the technical term..

I tried watching The Descent. It was too scary. I like my disaster movies kind of like my men, big, fast and kind of dumb. Ok, kidding about the men part, but serious about the movie part. I don't like disaster or animal attack movies that are gory. I know this seems totally at odds with my love of high body counts, but I prefer either totally tacky (Piranha comes to mind) or large-scale (Poseidon). Sometimes I can put up with scary music and dripping blood, but only in the interest of really getting breadth and depth in my disaster movie watching. Exaple: Alien. Lots of blood and gross things popping out of chests. I endured and even enjoyed because it is a classic. The Descent was really more like a horror movie that happened to include creatures. Yick.