Friday, October 17

Crocodile carnage!

I'm swamped with work and should not be blogging, but I couldn't resist writing down a few thoughts after watching Lake Placid again recently. What can I say, I'm a sucker for crocodile carnage.

I've seen this movie a few times now and it only gets funnier each time.
So here is the things I have learned from Lake Placid:

1. Having at least one current/former A-list actor is key to a truly awesome movie. LP's A lister? Bill Pullman! How he went from being the strong yet sensitive president who saves the world (Independence Day..obviously) to killing a crocodile with Z* listers is beyond me. But I appreciate his willingness to make a crap movie for my enjoyment. He's pretty much the only one who can act**, and it makes the movie JUST believable enough to be really fun.

2. Old ladies get the best lines. I was amused by Cloris Leachman in LP2, but Betty White totally takes the cake as her deranged sister in the first installment. I love her deadpan reaction to everything and her total hatred of all of the people who want to kill her pet crocodile. She swears like a sailor and looks totally calm and collected while spewing vitriol and hate. Way better than the over the top performance turned in by Cloris..

3. "Oh shit" is the best expletive you can think of when your love interest is about to get eaten by a huge 30 foot crocodile. Really Bill? That's the best you could do?

4. Paleontologists who hate nature also have secret crocodile hunting skills. It's must be all the practice they get staring at dusty bone fragments. Toughens them right up!

Oh, and Crocodiles are like serial killers (see previous post). Thank you LP for following the rules.

*Sorry Oliver Platt. I know you're famous..but you are a Z lister because everybody recognizes your face and nobody knows your name. I had to IMDB you just to figure out why you looked so darn familiar.

**Sorry again Oliver. You were good too. Bill was just better, and cuter, and he gets the girl. Sorry.