Friday, November 21

I hope this woman goes to prison

I just finished reading this article in the NYtimes. I've been following the story for a while through various publications, but this is first time I've blogged about the case.

Basically, an adult convinced her teenage employee to help her make a fake myspace account and send hurtful messages to another local teenager (Megan). The woman on trial, Lori Drew, claims that Megan was spreading rumors about her daughter.

Lori Drew could have called Megan's mother to discuss the alleged rumors. She could have stopped by for coffee, or she could have even called the school to report the problem to the principal. Instead, this 40 year old woman decided to lure Megan into saying nasty things about her daughter while pretending to be a teenage boy on myspace.

When that didn't work, she convinced her employee to help her humiliate Megan by having their fictitious boy say horrible things after initiating an online friendship and flirtation. In their last message to Megan, they told her the world would be better off without her.

Megan responding by hanging herself in her closet.

I seriously can not believe this woman. What kind of person enjoys torturing a little girl? Even if Megan had spread rumors, was this the example Lori Drew wanted to set for her daughter? Someone (allegedly) says something mean about you, so you try and make them miserable? As the mother of a teenager herself, Ms. Drew should have been well aware how hard it is to be 13. Raging hormones, social pressure, entering high school, body issues, mental health issues..why add rejection from a boy?

There is so much wrong in the world, and this woman decided her time was best spent humiliating depressed 13-year old girls. I hope she's convicted of fraud (due to the fake myspace account) and serves time in prison.