Monday, November 17

My love affair: Ultraviolet

I think I might be in love. Sadly, this love is going to be a brief yet torrid affair. I'm on episode 5 of 6 of Ultraviolet, and it is fabulous!

This Ultraviolet is not to be confused with the Milla Jovovich movie of the same name. That movie is also in my Q, but under the 'crappy fun' list. Ultraviolet may be about vampires, but it's not campy. It's also British, which makes everything better. Anyway, it is listed on the DVD cover as a mini-series, but I think it's actually a regular television show that was canceled after a short season. I think this means my love affair is going to be abruptly truncated and unsatisfying, but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts!

So far I have learned that:
1. Vampires make a really satisfying boom noise and minor explosion when staked, set on fire etc.

2. British vampires are far less frightening than other vampires. They don't look yucky and their fangs aren't scary. Although they still have bad teeth. Being a member of the undead apparently does not fix general cosmetic issues.

3. People food makes vampires sick. But if they throw it up (which they'll always do loudly in the bathroom), you can kiss them right after and not notice. Ew.

4. Charlaine Harris probably saw this mini-series and then forgot to list it as inspirational material. Synthetic blood eh?