Monday, February 2

Arranged marriage tv show? Hm.

Ok, not sure how I feel about this new tv premise.

Granted, other than Top Chef I'm not that big into reality tv.

(OK, minor fib. I also watch Top Model. It's my non-feminist cheat show! I'm addicted..although I kind of hate Tyra..still can't turn away).

Anyway, CBS is apparently developing a tv show where unmarried people from 25-45 are fixed up by their friends and families and married.

The tv show will then chronicle their post-marriage ceremony life.

I don't know if I like this idea.

It places a lot of emphasis on marriage.
(think: Single at 30? Old maid alert!)

It places a lot of emphasis on heterosexual relationships.
(I didn't see commitment ceremony thrown in the description..)

It also kind of mocks a rather ancient cultural tradition that is still
practiced in a number of countries by a number of different faiths.

Good or bad, arranged marriages exist. Don't you think the practice
deserves a discussion with a little more..depth?