Monday, February 16

Who knew you could buy paintball stuff online..

I do a lot of random searching online.

I'll even admit that might occasionally frequent sites that sell supplies..and by supplies, I mean emergency food, water etc.

You know, all sorts of useful stuff in case of emergency (see the disaster link!).

Anyway, some of this browsing eventually led me to a site (Tippman) that sells paintballing equipment.

I was really surprised. I mean, I've been paintballing once and it was fun..but I never really considered buying my own stuff.

I might have also thought that paintballing was going to be more like that scene from "10 Things." It isn't though! Mostly because Health Ledger definitely did not make out with me while I was covered in paint.

Maybe I'm too much of a baby! Paintball means a lot of running around and lugging of kind of heavy equipment.

But really, who knew how much stuff was out there for sale! Now I kind of want to buy a paintball gun & mask.

Mostly to play paintball. Maybe also to take funny pictures wearing full paintball gear. Mostly the second..

tippmann alpha black