Sunday, February 8

They tried to Jaws 2 the blob! Explanation below...

At 30 minutes into the movie:
Death count: 3
Hysterical female count: 1
Hysterical male count: 1

Not a bad ratio really. Already have multiple people turned to mush in the blob, and the hysterics seem to be equally distributed. The effects aren't half bad either considering it was made in 1958.

Have to wait and see how this plays out...

Oh wait. 40 minutes in.. a woman just said "I'll take care of's my job." And by her job, she means cleaning. Since it's a woman's job to clean, and it's the man's job to find the scary criminals.

60 minutes in:
Death count: 3+ (hard to tell when they don't show anyone getting blobbed!)
Hysterical female count: 2
Hysterical male count: 1

70 minutes in:
Classic blob pouring out of the movie theater scene. And some stupid kid trying to shoot the blob with a toy gun. Kids are silly..but I'm pretty sure the blog is going to follow the rules and let the (stupid) kid survive.

And I think they're going to try and Jaws 2 the blob. For those of you unfamiliar with this monster killing technique, it means trying to electrocute it with a power line. Although, since the Blob came first I guess Jaws 2 stole the idea. And then Buffy stole it to kill a creepy monster in a tub. Long story on that one!

And they tried the Jaws 2 to no avail..but apparently the blob doesn't like cold! Which makes PERFECT SENSE since the blob survived a journey through space with no problem. Oh well, at least they figured out a way to kill the blob and save Steve, the only mildly annoying girlfriend and the super annoying kid.

Also, the death count (apparently) rests at about 40-50 people. Sadly, we only saw the first three blob deaths.