Wednesday, April 22

I'm not sure "It's supposed to be a B-movie" really counts as a defense...

I'm still giving Tornado a D.

I know it's a shlocky made for TV movie.

But it took itself way too seriously.

The young couple was cute, perky and sooo country.
They didn't take their clothing off, so of course, they survived.

But where's the fun in that?

And all the warnings about global warming?
Come on!
If you're going to do a doomsday movie, at least make it over the top.

I get that it was a made for TV movie (which is really the ONLY reason all those terrible fades and cuts were acceptable), but that's really all they could do?

NO carnage.
NO real drama.
NO charisma between the leads.

Although, it did have Ernie Hudson (of Ghostbuster fame).
Not really an A lister. Maybe a B lister with A lister face recognition.
But still something.

Almost worth watching just to see him salvage the movie.


MikeC said...

Saskia, I love you, but this blog has got to die. The only thing worse than watching bad movies is expending time writing about them. Your considerable brainpower would be better spent solving other, more serious dilemmas, like why women can never make my sandwiches fast enough.