Wednesday, April 8

Sticking with Poseidon

I'm still convinced Poseidon is not nearly as bad as everyone thinks:

1. Really a pretty decent cast. Josh Lucas, Kurt Russel, and Richard Dreyfuss.
Although I think I have a weak-spot when it comes to Richard Dreyfuss.
Just because of Jaws.

2. The budget on this was HUGE. In disaster movies you have two options: go big, or go kind of silly. However you feel about the possibility (or lack thereof) of a ship being turned upside down by a rogue wave, the effects weren't bad.

3. The annoying hysterical female character died. You know how I feel about hysterical women.

4. The kid survives. You also know how I feel about killing children.

5. Everyone takes the movie WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. Again, the premise is that a huge rouge wave totally capsizes a cruise ship. Then a bunch of people have to escape by climbing out the 'bottom' of the ship.
What part of this plot screams serious drama?