Wednesday, February 10

NYTimes Reports: New York Senate Expels Monserrate Over Assault

Although I'm still technically registred to vote in Baltimore (and have a license from MO), I've started to feel very invested in New York politics.

I'm sure that a lot of that has to do with the fact that I'm doing a lot of policy work @ one of my current internships..but no matter how it's happened, I'm invested!

Anyway, I saw an article this morning and felt like sharing.
Seems that NY State Senate (finally) decided to expel Senator Monserrate, a Queens Democrat from his seat.

Monserrate was "convicted last fall of a misdemeanor for dragging his companion down the hallway of his apartment building. "

Despite the somewhat bland langauge used in the article, most New Yorkers are aware that Monserrate was arrested after he dragged his (then?) girlfriend out of the apartment and down the hall by the hair and proceeded to generally abuse her in full view of secuirty cameras .

While I'm not sure that the Senate's vote is means much in terms of advancing the rights of women, or highlighting the plight of domestic violence survivors I'm glad that they are at least publicy decrying Monserrate's actions.

Sadly, it seems that Monserrate is still an arrogant, abusive jerk.
His reaction to the vote:

The actions that I’ve committed,” he said, “do not rise to the level of expulsion.”