Friday, February 26

Some ring decision making coming up this weekend!


When Ben proposed a few weeks ago he gave me a really beautiful ring from my favorite jewelry store in Brooklyn. I would provide a link, but they don't have a website!

I was a little surprised when I found out--but it makes sense as they only carry vintage and one of a kind pieces. Once something is sold, it's gone for good. I guess it would be really hard to keep a website up to date with such a unique inventory.

Anyway, my current ring looks something like this:

I say current, because my parents are coming in this Sunday with a diamond that once belonged to my great-grandmother. The stone is currently set in a necklace, and we are going to visit the owner of Elleven to discuss the possibility of resetting and designing around the family stone.

Ben knew about the other diamond when he purchased this ring, and they agreed that I could wear it for up to a month while we made a decision about using the other stone.

At this point I'm pretty sure that we're going to design--it makes sense to use a diamond that is already in circulation (thus avoiding blood diamond concerns), plus the family connection. I also took jewelry classes for many years and still do some metalworking as a hobby. It seems kind of fitting to have a hand in my own ring design!

It'll be a little sad to give back the ring Ben actually proposed with, but hopefully I'll get to wear it until the final ring is actually ready!