Tuesday, February 2

I feel like a parent..with no children in sight!


As I was sitting in the exam room of an office on Monday I realized I kind of felt like a parent.

I had sad little monkey with a sniffly nose and a fever sitting on my lap , and I could hear a little kid crying in the waiting room.

Of course the sad little monkey was our almost 3 year old cat, Layla, and not a baby..but I sure felt like a harried parent!

First Bibi (the new kitten) got sick------------>

She then ever-so-sweetly sneezed on Layla for two days, so of course Layla caught the cold.

I took Bibi to the vet on Friday, and then had to drag poor Layla to the same clinic the following Monday.

I spent most of the weekend wiping gross..stuff..off of their poor little noses and trying to avoid being sprayed in the face every time one of them sneezed.
I was not particularly successful and overall it was a rather yucky weekend!

Bibi seemed to bounce back almost immediately once she was on medication, but poor Layla stopped eating and became so placid it was creepy. She usually spends most of her time trying to scare me to death by popping out from under the bed, or randomly nosing her way into anything and everything (tv screen, laptop, any dish or cup left out).

She seems to be on the mend after a fluid injection, 2 shots, and twice daily meds..but goodness it's been nutty.

Hopefully she'll be in better spirits soon..and up to her usual tricks: