Wednesday, January 27

Apt Improvement Project 2: painted mirrors from Housing Works


I’m a big fan of thrift store/flea market furniture purchases..and New York is a great place to hunt around for fun used items.

I try to hit up the Brooklyn Flea every 6 weeks or so, and always pop in to the Housing Works store in Brooklyn Heights when I’m in that part of the neighborhood.

Last week I found these little mirrors at Housing Works. They were only $3/each, so I snagged the entire stack.

I figured that they would be a perfect project for the weekend, and for some of the leftover teal paint from the prep carts.

Here is an in-the-middle picture:

I added the teal paint, and then decided that it needed something more.

So I just added a medium that creates a crackle effect, and then dabbed on some silver metallic paint.

I think it looks really pretty! Picture of the finished item to come soon!