Wednesday, January 6

Field Trip Report: QUEENS

Last weekend B and I decided to explore a new part of the city.

After several days of staying inside (and out of the cold) we decided to brave the elements and take a field trip out to Long Island City.

Not to be confused with Long Island, Long Island City is in the part of Queens that is almost due north of where we live in Brooklyn.

B poked around online and found a few fun places to try in the area, and off we went on the G.

After 40 or so minutes, we arrived @ our destination and found..that EVERYTHING in the area was closed!

Or almost everything.

We walked around in the freezing cold for at least ½ an hour before deciding that the Thai Express place looked the best place to get food/warm up.

After a quick lunch we then headed over to the only other thing in the area that was open (and I think, most of the reason why B chose that part of Queens to explore): PS 1.

PS 1 is the Queens outpost of MOMA, and has lots of very modern art work.

Although it was a bit of a schlep, PS 1 is definitely worth a visit.

I loved the ‘pool’ installation and the photographs by Robert Bergman. (See B "swimming" !?)

I wasn’t a huge fan of the top floor though—it was filled with video installations, which I find kind of overwhelming/nausea inducing in such large numbers.

Overall, a great field trip..and we’ll definitely be back to check out the area again to see if it’s a little more lively at another time!