Saturday, January 16

Met the it's time to try his food!


Tried DBGB a few weeks ago with a large group of friends.

Shared the (small) plate of mussels and the Yankee burger with cheese.
The mussels were delicious!
Tender and spicy, and the curry sauce was so good we asked for extra bread and sopped it up.

The Yankee burger with cheese was also very tasty, and cooked nicely medium rare (as ordered). The fries were also tasty, although my sharing partner did not enjoy the bucket (pretentious!). I thought it was kind of cute..but was voted down.

Also tried a bite of the boyfriend's Frenchie which was rich and amazingly delicious. A tiny bit jealous I didn't order that, but not sure I could have finished an entire one.

Shared 2 types of sundaes (bourbon coffee & apple cider) for dessert, and left underwhelmed. Ice cream was homemade and tasted good, but I thought the cider flavor in the second sundae was a little too overpowering and tart. Coffee sundae was tasty, but nothing that special.
Next time I'd go for a different type of dessert and see if those are a little more interesting.

Overall though, a great meal!

Thanks Daniel!