Monday, January 25

What happens when the animal rescue van parks across the street..

..Or the story of how we found ourselves the owners of 2 cats instead of 1 in 15 minutes flat!

I’m such a sucker for sob stories! And kittens!

When you add sob story+ kitten together you = new addition to the family.

B walked in the house yesterday afternoon and mentioned that one of the local animal shelters had a big van/RV parked right across the street.

It was already almost 5 in the afternoon and I needed to go grocery shopping, but we decided to just pop in to snuggle with a few cats.

We were there for literally 2 minutes when we noticed Bibi/Bea/Beavis (my name idea, our joint agreed upon nickname, and B’s name idea).

After a few minutes of holding her (and a lot of cooing on my end), the shelter staff started in with the sob story.

Poor little Bibi is blind in one eye, and some other (heartless) couple decided not to adopt her because she’s a little weird looking with one glazed cloudy eye.

Also, although Bibi was rescued from a kill shelter, their difficulty in finding her a permanent home over the past few months has meant that other kittens have been killed due to lack of open space.

Poor Bibi! And poor other cats!

We spent maybe 15 minutes total in the RV and then walked out with our newest family member. She’s very snuggly, loves to pur, and has already settled in nicely. Poor Layla does not seem thrilled with the addition, but she’ll just have to survive.

Moral of the story: B should not let me near animal adoption vans


Anonymous said...

Cute Beavis!!!!

B's mom