Friday, October 29

Escape from NYC 2010

In my defense, my 3 measly postings from this month make a lot more sense when you consider that this month I spent:
 *9 days in Italy
 *4 days hosting a fabulous house guest & co-hosting a party in my apt.
 *3 days traveling to/from & participating in the fall NLNI conference

That's 16 days total of craziness in just one month.
Plus of course the days spent getting ready for the trips and recovering from jet-lag etc.
Oh, and my family visited over one of those weekends, and I took little S to see Wicked!
So really, it's been an exceptionally busy month.

Next up, deciding if I want to participate in this year's Nanowrimo (don't know what that is? check it out online here), figuring out a little more job stuff, and spending T-giving in STL with B's family.

Oh, and I think we still need to send out a few save the dates.
I'm exhausted just thinking about it all!