Wednesday, March 4

The 2 Coreys are back..I think

As if The Lost Boys wasn't bad enough, I decided to go ahead and watch the straight to DVD sequel.

That girl who was on the OC is in it..No not the annoying one or Summer..the one from the final season. I can't remember her name! I'll imdb it later.

Anyway, so far I've learned:

1. Being a slutty vampire chick is bad. Apparently this movie likes shaming: women & sluts. Oh, and vampires. But I can't really fault them for that part.
2. All girls are sluts. Oh, and the punishment for hoeing around? You either a) get killed (see above) or b) get semi-turned into a vampire.

At first I was kind of heartened to see that the main vampire character was going to be a girl. Kind of a new twist (at least from the original Lost Boys).

Sadly, I think that the gratuitous violence (I've now seen intestines MULTIPLE times) and sex isn't going anywhere interesting.