Sunday, March 29

Figured out how not to hate Charlton Heston..just make sure the cast is all men

I think the title of the post says it all.

I usually find Charlton Heston really irritating.
I've shared my feelings.

He didn't annoy me quite as much in Gray Lady Down.

I think I know why.

There were only 2 women in the movie.
They had a combined total screen time of like 5 minutes, and
did not overlap at all with Charlton.

That seems to be the saving grace for any movie with Charlton.

If there aren't women nearby he can't bully them into submission.

Overall it was a tolerable sub movie.

High on the drama and low on the special effects
(but that it totally understandable given it was made in 1978).

Overall, I'd give it a solid C. If I'm going to watch a dramatic sub movie I'd much rather watch U-571. And no, I do not want to discuss the fact that U-571 is a totally inaccurate portrayal of the time period and American involvement.

I'm a fan of the pre-sellout Matthew McConaughey
(which reminds me..if he makes 1 more romantic comedy I might have to
devote an entire rant to his recently dive into mindless crap).

Actually, I'm pretty sure U-571 stole a few key plot points from Gray Lady Down (heroic young guy drowning while holding a lever open, valiant captain wrestling with his sense of duty)..but I still prefer it and not just because Charlton is nowhere to be found.